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At EHS, we understand the needs of our members and have created a network of quality providers to match.

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Our mission is to provide a managed health care system that offers cost-effective, quality services which promote and maintain health in our community. Your employer has selected EHS to provide you with the best healthcare network possible while controlling health care costs and reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.

Customized Directories and Concierge Customer Service to help you find the right provider

Our innovative online Provider Search tools will help you find the right provider

Provider Referrals

When an EHS physician refers you to another provider for lab tests, X-rays, hospitalization, specialized care, etc. be sure to explain to your doctor that you will receive better benefits if you use a contracted provider. If you are unsure whether a provider is currently participating in the EHS network, you can visit our online Provider Search or call the EHS Member Services toll free at 800-308-2749.

Freedom of Choice

Through EHS’ online Provider Search, you will find all contracted health care providers. EHS’ advanced search features make it easy to find the Providers for your particular group. These "preferred providers" are specifically contracted with your group to save you out-of-pocket money, as well as reduce your employer’s expenses. To verify that a Provider is in your network, you can use our Provider Search to create your own Custom Directory or contact Member Services.

Benefits and Claims

EHS manages your network of providers. We are not an insurance company or claims payor and do not maintain data on your eligibility or benefits, or pay claims. For answers to these types of questions, please consult the number listed on your ID card,  refer to the beginning of your customized online network directory or  contact your human resources department for assistance.