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Safe Harbor Networks for Referenced Based Solutions

Narrow networks that work well with referenced based health plans. We provide a safety net of providers for your members.

Customized Networks for Health Systems and Community Health Plans

Back Office Solutions to help Health Systems market their own network to Payors and Employers

Tailored Networks for Employers

The perfect fit: Direct provider relationships to help employers control costs.

International Network

For payors managing travelers/extended stay visitors within the United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands

Workers’ Compensation Network

Network coverage for worker’s compensation claims

Group Health Networks

Secondary/Travel Wrap and
EOB Networks

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Robust Capabilities to Support Next Generation Health Plan Designs

Employer Specific Provider Directories

Our customized directories help members find the right provider and maximize their healthcare benefits through upfront identification of Tiers, differences in benefits etc.

Powerful Customization Capabilities

Tiered Benefit Plan Design?
Narrow Network?
We can do it all!

Total Back Office Support

Full service back office solution for regional or hospital based networks from contract management to claims repricing and customer service.

Contract Management

Contract Delivery and Tracking

Credentialling and demographic data collection

Provider Outreach and Education

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Who is Evolutions?

Our passion is to use our past experience in PPO network development to create customized narrow networks designed to provide quality cost-effective healthcare to self-funded employers, their employees and families.

Over the past 29 years EHS has evolved into one of the nation’s largest independently owned PPO networks with regional dominance in the state of Florida. Now, we are taking this expertise in network development to create fully customized networks for Group Health and Workers’ Compensation based on our client’s needs and criteria.

Through our own proprietary software, Evolutions has a solution for all network and repricing needs from contracting through claims handling and repricing. Our software development team has created a robust yet flexible system engine adept at interpreting, calculating and repricing claims based on complex matching protocols and showcasing custom directories that effectively represent the most complex network tiering and benefit designs.

Evolutions provides a comprehensive suite of healthcare management solutions and claims processing services including EDI, customized directories, out of network savings solutions, analysis, reporting and more!