Trinity, FL – January 1, 2013 – Evolutions Healthcare, is pleased to announce that Constance Cranford has recently assumed the role of President.


Ms. Cranford, along with her husband, Allen Cranford, founded Evolutions Healthcare Systems in 1992.  For the past 21 years, she has held various executive positions within the company focusing on creating a company culture with a strong emphasis on business ethics and customer service. During that time, Evolutions Healthcare Systems had evolved into one of the largest privately owned Preferred Provider Networks in the United States.  Ms. Cranford’s vision for the role of provider networks in the future, combined with her team building and operational capabilities provide the energy, focus and momentum necessary to deliver increased value and stellar customer service to clients.  Experienced in strategic planning and execution, she is using her skills and vision to employ the best of business practices while creating customized network solutions for community health plans and local employer groups.


With a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Connecticut,   Conny enjoys hiking, camping, SCUBA diving and boating.  Most of her free time for the past 15 years has been spent as a leader, Merit Badge Counselor and Committee Chair for the Boy Scouts of America.


About Evolutions Healthcare Systems

Evolutions Healthcare Systems is recognized as one of the nation’s largest independently owned PPO networks, with regional dominance in the state of Florida.   EHS offers substantial discounts and operational savings to Self-insured Employers, Insurance Carriers and Third Party Administrators through its direct network of Local, Regional, and National healthcare providers.  EHS also specializes in boutique solutions such as EPOs and customized provider recruiting.  Using a proprietary software system, Evolutions provides a comprehensive suite of healthcare management solutions and claims processing services, including network management solutions for hospitals, ACO’s and re-pricing software platforms for regional PPO networks.


As the nation confronts challenges associated with healthcare reform, EHS will offer solutions to seamlessly ease the transition for those seeking an alternative to the ever changing face of healthcare.